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My name is Cassie and I have been living and playing on Maui since 1984. I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years, starting in film and educating myself over the years. My journey has included extensive experiences with wedding, family, maternity, travel and underwater photography. ​

The ocean is my happy place and my passion is ignited in sharing my love of the ocean through photography. My underwater photography work started with mermaids and turtles and has evolved over the years.

Most recently, my art has taken the form of capturing underwater images that honor the strong spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. This powerful series pays homage to the aina, and the ancestry of Hawaii, by allowing traditional cultural aspects to express within the free-flowing form of the water.

I never get bored of photography. No matter what my job is for the day I am excited to be there. I look forward to hearing from you. Please follow me as I continue to create new art pieces and capture my client’s memories.

Cassie Pali

Fine Art Photographer

Dancing hula underwater was a very tranquil experience, a peacefulness I’ve never felt. It was like dancing in a different realm, where nothing but my thoughts and movements existed if only for a few seconds. It was a feeling of being alone for a moment, a time to meditate and reflect on my love for hula.

I had so much fun shooting underwater with Cassie. It was my first time doing a underwater shoot and didn’t really know what to expect. It took me awhile to get used to holding my breath and smiling underwater. Cassie was very patient and I felt very comfortable. I would definitely recommend her and I can’t wait to shoot with her again! Thank you Cassie.
Jordan Ruidas

The pictures of me Cassie created are the first I have ever displayed in public. The way she captured unknown strength and elegance blows me away. I was so relaxed, even while in a merman tail on a snorkel boat off of Maui, because Cassie made me feel safe and able to swim and pose to get cool shots. She gave great directions and feedback through the whole process.

She is our photographer of choice for art for our office, family pictures, and underwater shots.

David Koerner

I shot my maternity shoot underwater with Cassie, and I just love the photos! Cassie made the experience fun and easy, even at 8 months pregnant. Shooting was just as easy as swimming, and the photos are so much more magical than I could have ever expected. I’m thankful to have such unique maternity pics that my friends and family went crazy over! I highly recommend shooting with Cassie for a unique underwater experience!
Kerri Glover

I’ve always dreamt about doing an underwater photo shoot. Looking through magazines thinking it’s going to be easy. Totally not the case. But, thanks to Cassie, who definitely owns her talent made it easy. My experience started rough, but because of Cassie’s patients, positive energy I , felt like we were getting some where. In the end, I felt like magic and was living my best life.
I would definitely want to do it again . I would recommend Cassie for anyone or party who wants to live their inner underwater God or Goddess. Cassie is AMAZING. Thank you again for the wonderful experience Cassie, hope to do more in the future.
-Love and Aloha,
Kapili Akima

I saw photos of models posing underwater and fell in love with underwater portraits years ago. It has been my dream ever since to have my photo taken underwater while wearing a beautiful flowing dress. When I found out that Cassie could make that happen, I was so excited. But also a little worried. I am a great swimmer but have never been comfortable opening my eyes underwater or holding my breath without a mask. Cassie was great about working with me on everything to expect in the pool. She explained everything from holding my breath and water up my noes, to how to balance and move in the water to make my dress and hair flow. Her lifeguard was always nearby and I never felt worried once we were started. And then I saw the results! I could not be more happy with the photos she got! They are amazing, unique, and beautiful. I love the finished piece of art that I can not wait to hang on my walls! Thank you Cassie for making my dream come true!
Kristan Schlatter

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