An injury can lead to interesting places part 2

An injury can lead to interesting places part 2

How many pictures are in your camera roll? 200, 800, 5,000?

Can you imagine how many pictures I shot as the lead photographer for Lila’s retreat? Probably more than currently sit in the average persons camera roll.

As soon as I arrived home from Los Angeles (by way of Mexico), it was time to sift through raw images to create works of art.

Before leaving Mexico I reached out to Ely to help me expand my reach. As luck would have it she was able to connect me with Jennifer, a professional mermaid/stunt woman (@SeaAngelJenn).

Jennifer agreed to an underwater photo shoot, but it had to be in Los Angeles and if you know anything about geography, California is right next door to off I went, on a Southern California adventure!

If you had told me then that one of these images would land me in Art Maui and would be coveted I might not have believed you. In fact, if you had told me that someone would reach out to me from Colorado to purchase this piece I might have laughed out loud.

All of the aforementioned things actually happened. And I’m going to tell you all about how they came to be.

Looking Glass by Cassie pali

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