Preparing For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Preparing For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

A wedding on Maui is a very special experience. From the beautiful oceanfront vistas, to the warm, sandy beaches, Maui will provide the dream background for your big day. Here are a few tips to ensure that your wedding photos stand the test of time.

Don't Get Sunburned

Make sure that if you’re going to arrive on Maui a few days before your wedding that you wear your sunscreen! You don’t want to look like a lobster or have tan lines in your Maui wedding photos. And remember the newly passed sunscreen [laws] and be sure to wear ocean-safe sunscreen while you’re here.

Covid Safety

Hopefully, the vaccine will be available soon, but until it is, we must all stay vigilant. Please be sure to keep social distance in mind and follow all local guidelines. The most important thing is the health of you and your guests, as well as all of the vendors who are helping to make your day special. Encourage mask wearing with these fun wedding themed masks

Eat Beforehand & Stay Hydrated


It can be hard to remember to eat on your wedding day. From nerves to distractions, eating can often take a back seat on your big day. But this can cause big problems. Be sure to have protein bars or smoothies on hand to keep “hanger” at bay and ensure that your Maui wedding day goes off without a hitch.

It can be hot on Maui, so staying hydrated is KEY. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and assign one of your bridesmaids with the duty of keeping you HYDRATED. This is especially important if you’re drinking champagne or any other alcoholic beverage. Being fully hydrated will ensure that your pictures turn out beautifully and will help keep your energy up during what will be one of the best (and longest) days of your life.

Invest in your Priorities


Be sure to think about what’s going to make you happiest when you look at your Maui wedding photos. Whether it’s your hairstyle, your makeup, your flowers or your attire, make sure that you invest in the things that to matter to you most. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Maui wedding vendors [link to the other wedding blog post].

We would love to talk to you about shooting your wedding on Maui. Learn more about our unique wedding photography 

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