Tips to a successful underwater shoot...

Tips to a successful underwater shoot...

Our process is safe, comfortable and unique. There are a few tips to ensure that your underwater photos on Maui are a success: 

1. Make sure you feel comfortable underwater practice opening your eyes, holding your breath. You can practice in your pool or bath tub at home. There are also ways to shoot without opening your eyes so don't worry to much about it.  

2. Avoid getting sunburned before the shoot. 

3. Be flexible - if the weather is not cooperating, we will have to reschedule. The good news is that the weather on Maui can change in an instant, so rescheduling is not usually a big challenge. 

4. I am a trained lifeguard and have a second trained lifeguard outside of the pool for all shoots. Your safety is our number one concern. 

5. The photos are shot in a pool, we work together in 5 feet of water, you can stand up easily.  A deeper pool is available for advanced shoot. 

Feel free to browse through the EXPERIENCES page to find the right experience for you. 
 Fine Art Underwater Goddess by Cassie Pali
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