Helicopter Air

Romance is in the air!

If we’re not going on a boat then a helicopter will work! I love adventure and couples that want to do something different. Don’t get me wrong. I will still have a smile and enjoy working on the shoreline but a helicopter will keep that smile on my face for days. I can set this up for you! This couple wanted a simple romantic wedding on the cliffs. It was an officiant, musician, them and me.

First, we flew over Molokai and saw all the beauty of that island. Then we landed on the cliffs on the north shore of Maui. Got out of the helicopter and took a stroll to a private cliff for their ceremony. So much fun to witness their day. After the ceremony we played a bit and then headed for the helicopter for departure to Kahului Airport where we all finished with big smiles on our faces! Who’s next!

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