Lapaz Mexico... Mermaid Retreat

Mermaid Adventures!

So excited to share with you this amazing adventure I was a part of. I have been capturing images of Mermaid Lila for 4 years now. She has her own company that teaches you how to swim like a mermaid, in a TAIL! She also puts on these “Mermaid Retreats” that she invited me to attend as the retreat photographer. I got to capture images of all of the mermaids playing in the ocean. The sea lions were so friendly.

My part in this was to capture all the images and also supply a lifeguard. David who is almost always my lifeguard on these types of jobs gladly accepted the trip. We had a blast. Sea lions, mermaids, and whale sharks… what more could you ask for in a job!

We are headed back soon for another ADVENTURE.

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