Underwater Mermaids and Merman

Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide.  These mythical aquatic creatures embody the head and upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids experience the world from a completely different perspective. Although their lives take place underwater, it is almost as though they can be on the outside looking in on the world above.

It was through classical literature that the mermaid figure came to life and never really stopped inspiring us. Underwater photographer Cassie Pali has gone through great lengths to bring the mermaid fascination to life through her underwater workshop.

Preparing for your Mermaid Photography

Ever dream about gliding through the ocean as a beautiful mermaid? If you've ever desired to learn how to gracefully swim in a mermaid tail while having beautiful photos being taken of you, then this is for you!

Cassie will help you navigate on how to move with the mermaid tail on, correctly breathe, and choose the right angles. She will ensure that you're safe at all times, and given quality advice on how to look your best on camera. Her session consists of:

  • Enhancements of your breathing and diving breath hold skills for better breath hold capabilities.
  • Advice on how to dive & float elegantly as a mermaid
  • Use your tail or one of hers (sponsored by the2tails)
  • Refining your body gestures, expressions and movement for artful mermaid photos.

Cassie will then lead you through the steps of modeling as a mermaid, guiding you and ensuring you look your absolute best! Her casual and passionate approach will make you feel comfortable. You will enjoy the otherworldly sensation of your mermaid tail swimming.

Cassie usually spends around 1-2 hours with you capturing your mermaiding dream photos.  Then she will begin creating custom artwork to fit your mermaid tail scheme perfectly. 

Mermaid sessions start at $1200 and include:

  • Zoom or phone consolation, develop a plan for your underwater mermaid day
  • Wardrobe collaboration, use your mermaid tail or one of mine sponsored by  the2tails, use of jewelry or bring your own
  • 1-2 hours of private pool for photoshoot
  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Art purchased a la carte

Bring a friend along for an underwater mermaid experience too, add $300

Additional services available.

Call or email for customized experiences.
Payment plans available.

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Underwater Mermaids on Maui