Underwater Family

For your family's next photo session, would you take a deep dive in the name of creativity? While there are a number of photographers in Hawaii who can provide beautiful family portraits, I offer my clients something rare: underwater photos. 

I'm excited to be one of the only underwater photographers in Hawaii. I snap stunning family photographs in my studio pool. Each session is focused on the unique nature of each family and the artistry in her underwater family photos. 

"I am often asked whether my pictures are photoshopped, and have to constantly assure them that they are real. " 
The process of underwater photography is entirely distinct from conventional photography and takes time to set up, specifically when it comes to editing. Post-shoot editing is a big part of my work, and while it's challenging, it ensures that the photo's colors and transparency are absolutely stunning. 

If you'd like to arrange a family photo session underwater or above water, please contact me today.