Underwater Fine Art

Hula Dancers - Mermaids - Goddesses - Turtles

Fine Art Underwater Photography - Hula Kane

My art has taken the form of capturing underwater images that honor the strong spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. View images of Kane in the underwater world.

Hawaiian Kane

Fine Art Underwater Photography - Hula Wahine

This powerful series pays homage to the Aina, and the ancestry of Hawaii, by allowing traditional cultural aspects to express within the free-flowing form of the water.

Hawaiian Wahine

Fine Art Underwater Photography - Goddesses

A goddess is a glowing, confident woman ready to take on the world. Every woman has an inner goddess and I enjoy capturing them in the free-flowing form of the water.


Fine Art Underwater Photography - Mermaids

Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. These mythical aquatic creatures embody the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.  Mermaids experience the world from a completely different perspective.  Although their lives take place underwater, it is almost as though they can be on the outside looking in on the world above.


Turtles - Honu

I love my morning swims with these amazing creatures of the sea. I love capturing them in their environment. My favorite sea critter the Turtle also known as Honu.


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