Underwater Wedding

Are you trying to introduce a unique theme for your wedding photographs? Look no further than Cassie Pali, a hawaiian wedding photographer specializing in underwater photography. Pali captures unmatched underwater wedding photos in her studio pool that are as amazing as you'd imagine.

Spouses appear in formal attire in Pali's underwater wedding pictures, much as they would for a more conventional wedding shoot (Pali also provides aground photography). As the couple enters our studio pool, the camera lens captures otherworldly photographs of flowing mermaid hair as well as the elegance of the wedding gown. You will see the passion that Pali has for introducing couples to the beauty of underwater posing.

Jumping into a water body in an outfit or dress might initially feel uncomfortable. However, Pali shared that with their underwater poses, her clients typically ease into things quickly and get very playful The key question remains, how can the women in the photos of Pali's accept their beautiful (and probably expensive) dresses being ruined while being underwater.